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My Doctor says not worry about it!

I've been having a thumping sensation at the back of my head when sitting or lying in bed. If I lie on my right side I can hear it, its loud enough to stop me going to sleep. I'm stone deaf on the other side, my hearing went with my AN operation in 1987, the surgeon thought he'd saved the nerve but apparently not. So far I've had blood pressure test and an MRI scan, tried Amtryptiline too. Doctor says not to worry about it but its not that pleasant to live with. The scan showed some thickening of the scar tissue from my old surgery and the left side auditiry nerves are "jumbled up" whatever that means. The last time a GP said to me my increasing deafness on my left side was "JUST DUE TO MY AGE" HE TURNED OUT TO BE COMPLETELY WRONG, The thump goes at the same speed as my pulse, had it about six months now?

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Hi Keith, sorry to hear you are having such awful problems. I can quite understand your reluctance to believe the consultants "don't worry about it". I can't say I have come across this before and hopefully someone on here will have some practical advice to give. I have recently heard from someone else that their auditory nerves are "jumbled up" so maybe that is the cause but I would have thought they could have referred you to someone who might be able to help you live with it. If I were you I would keep on at them.....tell them it is ruining your quality of life and hopefully they will eventually find some way of treating you. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


Thanks for your interest Jackey. Keith


Having had surgical AN removal about ten years ago, I have total deafness on left side, but the other hearing is still fairly good. I do not have any pain problems from this angle, but still have considerable discomfort and pain arising from the left eye. Use carmellose drops and lubricant several times a day.


I'm sorry to read about your issues:-(



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