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People with AN have you had the vaccine?

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I have my vaccine booked for the weekend and feeling a bit nervous as I read online for AN patients it can increase tinnitus, vertigo and headaches... anyone experienced this? Or have a positive response?

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HiI have had both vaccines didn’t affect me in any way. I did feel like I’d been hit by a bus awful flu like symptoms for 24 hours but that’s it so please don’t worry

Kim x

Thank you Kim, takes much of my worries away..

I’ve had both of mine, no affects whatsoever. All good!

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Wounded101 in reply to flappers

Thanks, feel much better

I've had both of mine too. Same as Kim as in flu like symptoms but AN symptoms weren't any worse. So all good for me. Hope all fine for you too!

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Wounded101 in reply to Smiffy65

Thank you, feeling much more 'positive' 😅

Hi, I have had both Astrazeneca vaccines and, if I had any extra symptoms, I didn't notice. Like Kim, tiredness and mild flu like symptoms for 24hrs. I am aged 70. Good luck with yours. It is all very quick and simple. Cathryn

Thank you very much, that's nice to hear.. and I was even more worried about AZ but luckily I'm 23

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flappers in reply to Wounded101

I had the AZ with no problems

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Mt22 in reply to flappers

I’m in my 20’s and also had both my AZ vaccines before the change came out but no problems at all

I have had both Pfizer shots. I had some muscle and joint aches for a few weeks after the first one, but nothing serious enough to disrupt normal life. The second one caused almost no reaction at all. So, don't worry!

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Wounded101 in reply to bypass

thank you 😀

Hi. I had one Moderna vaccine and was fine, just a bit tired on the day and sore arm for 4 days. Was so panicking before too but all good

No reaction except a bit of a tender arm where jabbed xx I had Oxford one x

Morning.. I’ve had both vaccinations, Pfizer, with very little side effects. My arm ached for a couple of days & the second one made my underarm ache, but nothing else. I had the second one about ten days after having a 12 hour op to remove my AN, the consultant assured me it would be ok & it was.. hope you feel reassured with all the replies on here xBx

It can affect even people with no specific illness and everyone in many different ways, but whatever it only lasts a very short period and I think that’s worth it to feel safe and protected against the virus

I've had both jabs & had no problems so far.

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Wounded101 in reply to handmaid

I had my first one yesterday haven't felt anything anything unusual thankfully

Amuses many symptoms all people differ. Whatever happens is very short lived sp better than not being here

I’ve had both my vaccines and haven’t noticed any increase in my tinnitus.

I’ve had both Astra Zeneca jabs with headache and joint and muscle pain for 3 days after 1st, noticed my tinnitus got slightly worse after 2nd but no other side effects with 2nd. Tinnitus has settled back down again thankfully 😅

I had my second in April AstraZeneca felt a bit odd like lots of other people but OK the next day, it soon goes and know many AN sufferers say the same

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