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Question about gamma knife

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Hi Everyone. I had my AN treated by radiotherpy, or Gamma Knife, a one shot beam, in August 2019. I would like to assure anyone who is facing the prospect of this, that it was very easy, I have been back for my yearly scan, in the middle of the pandemic, and been told that it hasn't grown.

I had tinitus for 2 years before visiting my GP, as I was not too bothered about it, then missed my referal with the audiologist, meaning going back on the waiting list.

Eventually, when I had the diagnosis my AN was too big for 'watch and wait' and I was strongly advised to have have the radiotherepy. I was very apprehensive.

I have always thought of myself as being fairly fit, and the thought of having radiation therepy was worse than the diagnosis, worse than the treatment even.

Anyway, I feel relatively fine. My concern is having had radiotherepy, 18 months ago, I am still considered 'clinically vunerable' and would like any information on how long my immune system might be knocked out.

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It’s good to have positive news about your experience. How big was your AN and where did you have the treatment?

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Soxyboy in reply to Desoto

Hi there. My AN was 19mm when I was diagnosed. My GP referred me to University Hospitol of Wales, for tests and scans, then I went to the Velindre Cancer Center for the radiotherepy.

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Desoto in reply to Soxyboy

Do you know if you had TrueBeam, Gamma Knife or Cyber Knife. From what I’ve read there are subtle differences in each and as I am Welsh I will possibly be offered a similar treatment for my AN. Also, who was your Consultant in UHW? Glad you’re doing well.

Hi Soxyboy.

So I had the Stereotactic / Gamaknife treatment for my 18mm A.N yesterday (07/01/21), all was good and went really smoothly.

I was in and out within an hour.

The procedure was totally painless and fairly quick I was only under the radiation for about 30 mins. The only thing is the mask is slightly uncomfortable but just listen to some music and reflex and ifs totally fine.

I'm feeling very good and currently with no side effects 👍🏼so I hope that lasts and they have managed to kill this thing.

I just had a quick question about that your classed as "clinically vulnerable" and your immune system may have been affected?

I ask as I haven't heard anything about this during my consultations or treatment, is this a know issue after Stereotactic / Gamaknife treatment for A.N's???

All the very best.

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Soxyboy in reply to shouie

Hello. Well neither had I. I had my treatment and went away feeling like 'That's all sorted then' . No one expected a global pandemic, I think it's all about being cautious. I must be on a list, as most of the patients where I was treated have cancer and have more regular and intensive treatment.I was puzzled when I first got the sheilding letter, but was ok to follow the rules, now I think If I caught covid I would have the same chances of surviving as the next person.

Please see reply from bypass. Good luck to you

I'm not a Doctor, but I have been involved with AN radiosurgery patients for well over 20 years and would be surprised if your immune system was reduced for any more than afew weeks after GK. The doses used for ANs are pretty low.

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Soxyboy in reply to bypass

Thank you for your reply. I tend to agree. I have looked for information but can't find any so will proceed with caution anyway. Much appreciated.

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