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How long do results from Mri Scan?


Hi there, I had an Mri scan two weeks ago as the consultant in the ent department thinks my symptoms could be due to an AN. I have mid hearing loss (I can hear high and low sounds but not mid range) and it's worse in my right ear. My right ear often feels blocked and I get occasional tinnitus. I have not received the results yet, is this a normal period of time? I am hoping the fact is that there's nothing to worry about so no need to rush with the results!

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Hi, this is very simular to how mine was ‘discovered’. I was very scared at first however with the support of my consultant I feel like I have some control back.

The information can be over whelming so it is important to remember that whilst there are a few options depending on your results, everyone is different.

Reading and looking online led the two weeks run up to my results consulatation hell.

I have my diagnosis, have my next MRI in 6 months. Just hoping it doesn’t grow. I’m 30 years old - which apparently is quite young to find it.?

I did have to ring up for my results from the initial MRI, before I got refered to my specialist.

Best of luck :)

Lainyd in reply to Nicolam87

Thanks for your reply. It is scary, you are right, it does feel like I have no control over getting my results and can't move forward until I have them.

I will ring up to see what's happening with my results on Monday and be pro active!

You sound like you are handling this well, good luck.

Sadly this is a "How long is a piece of string" type question. It can be anything from "same day" to months later. The chances are that you don't have an AN; however, if you do "don't panic", there are many effective treatments available today. If you do find you have one take a look at this site to educate yourself - Good luck


It can vary. I would call them. Good luck.

An AN is slow growing so they don't rush .

I guessed the moment that they changed contrast canula from "optional" to "we would really prefer to" while I was in the scanner LOL told them to bugger off (I'm an extreme needle phobia with complete sycopal collapse so I tend to avoid needles)

I also had a bit of nightmare, while having my MRI..... with contrast. Earphones on ... it was so loud the music. I got off the scanner! Hated it x just found the noise overwhelming!!!

I had to stay in hospital for 5 days....I’m still not right. MRI showed AN 22mm... waiting to it removed,

Sorry, but can anyone give me any advice please.

I can hardly do anything... such as garden which is now a right mess. It really worrying me... is there any help I can get with the gardening and some rubbish clearance please.

It’s just I’m not to used to living like this.....

Like most of us.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Thanks for the responses, I will call them today to see what is going on.

Hi i had my mri on the Wednesday then was recalled on the sunday for more scans it took a few weeks to get result which were sent in letter saying not to panic as i had a growth ,panic i went into melt diwn ,my notes were then all sent up to RVI hospital in Newcastle that was in the October, i was told that where my A.N was it needed to be deakt with so in the june i wnt in to get it debulked i spent 10 hours in surgery

Lainyd in reply to 6625

That must have been a terrible time, have you had any further problems? I managed to get an appointment but not for a few weeks time so I'm hoping that means there is nothing to worry about, they wouldn't give me any information in the appointments department.

I hope things go well for you now.

Was a scarey time i lost hearing completely in right ear,i wouldnt even look in mirror wen i came home as my face had drooped on one side,but it slowly came back its just a bit droopy now people say they can't tell but i know its there n some days it gets me down ,my right eye is dry all time I've got to use drops ,as it doesn't blink due to a kind of facial paralysis, i have scans every 6 months to make sure it doesnt grow back

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