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Weird ear for over a year, saw ENT ordered MRI straight away, got one tomorrow after a couple of weeks.. Symptoms suddenly worse this week

About a year ago i went to a gp about a weird feeling in my left ear, thinking she would say it was blocked she didnt even look in but noticed my glands were swollen so said i had a viral infection and it will clear up soon... So i left it at that (kinda felt silly going)

The blocked feeling has continued and about 3 months ago I realised id been experiencing tinnitus in that ear, not thinking too much of it i eventually went to get a hearing test.. Slightly reduced hearing in affected ear, advised to see GP...

I have been experiencing many Neurological problems for a long while and am also waiting to see a Neurologist (appointment on 26th April, GP has warned of possible Multiple sclerosis diagnosis) one of those symptoms is dizziness and occasional vertigo, now wondering if these are to do with my ear...

anyway... GP referred to ENT, had appointment in Feb, he asked many questions looked at my history and didn't really say much of what it could be but just ordered an MRI which is the one I have tomorrow...

in the meantime (sorry for long story) but this week starting Monday ive had a real weird but obvious feeling of numbness (still can feel touch) almost from the inside of my face by the bad ear, goes down my jaw slightly and up onto cheek bone and beside eye... Almost like ive had a whack and can still feel it, my ear feels extra full, on Tuesday I had real bad dizzy spell in morning then terrible balance issues throughout that day.. Thursday came a headache, real annoying... Bed time Thursday when i laid down after a minute or so i got such a bad feeling of pressure build up in head that i had to sit up, i tried several times to try lay it out but them became nauseas and almost like i couldn't breathe...

couldn't get a doctors appointment today but surely they were just going to say i have mri tomorrow so nothing they could do...

today the side of my face almost feels hot and still just weird..

im not panicking and what will be will be

im 32 in Suffolk UK

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms. It’s reassuring that you’re having an mri soon as this will show up anything of immediate concern and be passed on to your ENT consultant. In the meantime if you’re worried about any new symptoms, see your GP, who will decide if you need to be seen sooner by the specialist. It’s encouraging that they’re investigating all angles and hopefully you’ll have an answer soon. I wish you the very best and please let us know how you get on.

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Hi Samantha, I had an AN removed 10 years ago. My advice (and I know its hard) is to try not to second guess your results until you have facts. Nobody can answer those questions until your MRI report is done. Thinking of you. Linda.


I have numbness to waiting mri hope it goes well .


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