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Awaiting Further Investigation

I have been diagnosed with AN and am being monitored. I also have a replacement hear valve and permanent Atrial Fibrilation. I am trying to get a fix on which of these conditions is leading to my symptoms. I always have a slight 'light-headed' feeling, slightly disorientated, and a loss of balance especially when turning round. Recently this worsened to a near total loss of balance where I was hanging on the furniture in moving around the house. Coupled with the odd vision problem this lasted for 3 days and then slowly dissipated. The past four weeks have seen me back to about 80% of my balance aided by a stick.

I'd like to know if anyone has a view on this? Thank-you.

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Does it mean heart valve as not heard of any other?


Sorry, that was a typo - it should have read 'Heart' ! The NHS are being brilliant in trying to identify the problem and eliminate some of the possible contributory factors as they say I am not straightforward!!

I had a Doppler this morning at Worcester Royal to check blood flow in the two main arteries to the head, and passed this with flying colours - a first for me !

This Wednesday I am seeing the main man in the ENT at the QE in Birmingham where I have been checked every 6 months for the past couple of years. I hope he is going to decide on a course of action although will probably need another MRI.

I have found the comments and outcomes from everyone on site very helpful, and I will certainly add mine when everything is hopefully resolved.


Hello, and sorry you're managing several conditions. I only had an AN, and no experience of the others at all, but I remember having very similar symptoms indeed to yours for a few weeks before diagnosis of a 3cm AN. That was 7 years ago, and after surgery and GK shortly after diagnosis, I was told in 2017 it's now tiny and stable. I would imagine heart irregularities could lead to at least lightheadedness too though?


Hi, I had to reply to this as I also have Atrial Fibrillation and was persistent until I had an ablation in July last year. Currently in NSR, but got diagnosed with a small AN in November. But until that point I thought the occasional lightheadiness was the AF, now I don't know what to think. Could be AF, could be the AN..


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