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I had my surgery to remove a large AN on 10th Sept 1987. This was also my wedding anniversary. The surgery left me with paralysis on the left of my face, larynx and throat generally. Over the years a lot of the problems have dissapeared and on my Emerald (55 yrs) anniversary I looked in the mirror and saw I could at last more or less open my mouth wide in a symetrical shape. Whoo Hoo!

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How lovely to read positive comments.

I'm afraid I'm guilty of using the site for information and other people's experience but rarely comment myself. I had an op 18 months ago to remove a 3cm an. I was very lucky to have no side effects to speak of aside from deafness on one side and a little balance issue when tired (which seems to be most of the time lol!) I am due an MRI in January to check for any regrowth.

I am so happy for you and your wife, Happy Anniversary!


great at long last. there are loads more procedures available as time has gone on. I had mine in 1980. good luck and take good care x


great news!

Thankfully treatments have improved greatly since those days as it has for so many other problems. I wonder how much further treatment will have advanced by another three decades time? Even tinnitus may have been nailed by then!


I've posted before that when the surgeon got inside my head he found three neuromas, only had a CT scan to find the biggest one which was pressing on the blood supply to my brain stem. No gamma knife in the UK in 1987. I went to The John Radcliffe Infirmary for the op. I still have no hearing on the left which is Ok providing you're not looking for an overhead helicopter and take care crossing the road. I had follow up MRI's for six years, now only if I pester the GP - had one last year because of annoying thumping in my good ear which showed nothing so just have to put up with that. Best wishes to all on the site. Keith


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