Does anyone else have pins and needles in the whole of the opposite side of the body to the AN site?

I had surgery 11.8.13 to remove 35mm AN. I'm recovering well with double vision to be resolved and a numb lower lip and half tongue. My main issue is these pins and needles in the whole of one side of my body, it's like someone is giving me a Chinese burn continuously - has anyone else experienced this and solved it?

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  • Hi I had a tumour of 5.5cm removed in 2011 and still suffer really badly with pins and needles on my right hand side. The neurologist has told me this is just down to some nerves being damaged during surgery and also from before the tumour was removed, unfortunately it is something I will have to get used to. I hope this is of some help to you

  • Many thanks for this, I was hoping you'd say it clears up in a few months! Do you take any medication to ease it at all? My facial therapist tells me there are drugs available but it's still too early for me as I'm not over the bruising period yet. Have you been able to return to work?

  • Hi no I don't take any medication for it as I have so much medication to take for my epilepsy, underactive thyroid etc which was caused by it and anything else would affect them. Unfortunately I haven't been able to return to work because of my eyes, epilepsy, balance and have to be supervised 24/7 but I think a lot of this is due to the epilepsy which has caused me to lose my driving license. Speaking to other people amnd reading their stories does feel you with hope though if you don't have many other complications obviously everyone is affected differently. I'm sorry not I can't offer any really positive advice. I hope you can get it sorted, please let me know how you get on xx

  • Please excuse the errors in last message predictable text and bad eyesight not great combination!.,

  • Hi I had my AN removed two and a half years ago and have constant pins and needs in my head and half of my tongue is still numb, I also had the double vision that I've only just had rectified. It was explained to me that the pins and needles are where the nerves were damaged.

  • Thanks for this - how did they rectify your double vision? I have a prism in my glasses at the moment and I'm due back for a follow up next Wednesday to see if there has been any improvement.

  • Hi, I also had prisms but my double vision was too bad for the prisms to worm so the eye surgeon injected botox in my eye muscles to see if it corrected the double vision and had to go back 3 months after. I was told if the botox worked he could operate and if it was going to work it would be within 6 days from the injections. On the 6th day my double vision had gone but as the botox wore off my double vision returned. I spent the day in day surgery and had it done under a general and when I woke up it was all done. My eye was really sore for 2 weeks and full of blood which wasn't very pretty but no more double vision. I was told surgery is the last option, they try everything else first. I have also been left with facial palsy which was really bad for about a year and slowly it started to recover. I have just had botox injected into my neck, chin, cheek and eyelid which is helping with the tightness. Good luck I hope they sort it for you. Pam

  • Ive just read this through and I missed a word out, I meant to say I spent the day in day surgery, not in surgery lol

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