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New here and codependency

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for help, support, and advice with codependency. I recently had to put pause on a close friendship. Because I'm pretty sure I got codependent on her. And I'm really really missing her. I don't really have many friends so that just makes everything so much worse. Sometimes I just feel hopeless. I started going to therapy for this. I had my first session yesterday. But I was wondering if anyone has any advice on recovering from codependency or resources that would help.

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These feelings are quite normal with long term relationships.Why and what do you expect with this type of relationship ?

Are you frightened to enter a long term relationship ?


first, good for you for seeking help! i'm on the other side. my mum is a codependent and it gets super old, what with the passive aggression and never voicing her needs (then exploding later b/c i'm not psychic🤬). she also does that thing where she seeks out people with personality disorders and defends their bad behaviour b/c it feeds some need within her.

i can't. so again, good for you seeking help!

i've had to back away from certain people at times. we tend to repeat the patterns we learn as children. since i grew up with a codependent mum and a narcissistic father, you can imagine the people i attract!😛 but i keep an eye on it and make sure i invest in reciprocal relationships. most of mine are online now as i am disabled, but it's nice to reach out and have someone reach back: with respect for my boundaries, openness and empathy. we all deserve that, so i'd say keep aware of yourself, not just the codependent issues, but your progress! therapy is hard work and it gets more painful before it gets better.

i hope this helped a little. stay strong.🤗

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