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We will get through this


i been having anxiety and depression but i never talk about it buh right now i have to cause it's killing me deep down.

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Ian__ I’m the same way I bottle up and isolate. I’ve been experiencing crying spells out of nowhere and feel very much alone. I just joined this site today but there seems to be a lot of supportive folks here to talk with. I’m also here if you feel comfortable letting it out.

Ian__ in reply to Ashh3

thanks Ashh3 i appreciate

FearIsALiar in reply to Ashh3

Welcome to the group Ashh! There is also an anxiety/depression support group on here.

Ashh3 in reply to FearIsALiar

Thank you !!

hi talking will do you the world of good always a weight lifted from our shoulders.

Ashh3 in reply to kenster1

Thank you !

I have been struggling as well lately too. It helps talking about what you’re dealing with if you feel comfortable sharing. There is actually a support group on this app for anxiety/depression. Many people are going through similar things and want to give you support with whatever you are dealing with currently! You’re not alone Ian and you definitely will get through this. Keep up with the positive self talk ❤️

yeah we will baby steps one day at a time.

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