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Weird cough?


So I have had this kind of dry cough for about 2 months now and the past few weeks it has gotten worse. In the mornings, if I eat something cold, I get stressed or do excersize I have a coughing fit. But it is weird. Every time I cough I feel like I am going to vomit but there is never any vomit? I also have difficulty breathing as I start wheezing and gasping for air. Usually I can try and calm myself down before then by swallowing and trying to slow down my breathing but it still hurts. I burp a lot too lol. Anyone have any ideas ?

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Hi Hei_Ba

Sounds stress related but also could be the chest infection that's going around

Go to your doctor you should get some good advice from them with it being a sort of persistent cough

All the best nat

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