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Sleeping/anxiety disorders

Hi, I'm a student from the University of Lincoln studying Product Design and am currently working on a module on helping people sleep and getting out of bed which involves technology. My aim is to design a form of technology which overcomes sleep disorders (insomnia, anxiety, SAD, etc...) it would be very helpful for my research if anyone could give me an insight as of what it's like suffering from one of these disorders. If it's possible for someone to respond I can give you recommendations on which technology could be suitable for your problem.

Thank you and I hope to hear from some of you.

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If you have any input, please comment and I will message you or reply within the forum, thanks.


I suffer from sleep aponea and also have mental health issues.the specialist recommended i use a cpap machine.yes its helpful but not really.when u combine the disorders such as mine it is very difficult. I wake up every hour on the hour i have to put myself to sleep at 8pm every nite coz i try to sleep and i have continuously compensate during the day as well coz i cannot function during the day.this disorder also lead to having alot of health issues and many tend to move towards suicide simply coz they cannot cope with daily activities.i would recommend things but if i knew how i would let u know.i wish you the best and do find a solution suitable for everyone and maybe will help save lives.goodluck


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