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weird stuff happening


i have these moments where my senses will get all jacked up. i'll hear sounds coming from directions opposite of where they're actually coming from, i'll have phantom touches on my skin (mostly my legs) as well as a warm feeling in my legs that changes place when it happens and doesn't seem to be caused by anything. generally, i'm just having a lot of weird stuff happen and it's tripping me out. i'll do what i assume is similar to depersonalizing. i'm diagnosed with STPD so i would assume these are just the "unusual perceptual experiences" but the stuff with my legs is new and just seems different somehow. the depersonalizing i get all the time, but i wonder if it isnt related, and vice versa, because these new phantom sensations happen before during and after it happens. i really dont know whats going on, i guess, and getting to an actual doctor is very difficult for me. my mom had MS and i wonder if i might have it too, because i read that phantom sensations are common for it. however, im only 18 and i have yet to hear of an 18 year old with MS. im just really confused and any tips would be appreciated.

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