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What is wrong with me???

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In the last couple of months ive become someone that nobody wants to be around...its like i have that vibe..i wish i knew why..i was never like this...in the last year or so ive become boring and try to satisfy everyone...i am 23 years old..and my long-term girlfriend is about 20...she wants to party and all those things and i do not want to do any of that anymore ive tried amd tried but i cant...i feel like its best that she dumps me and enjoy her life...it feels like ive lost everything that once pushed me to be "that guy"i mean i used to be in the gym all cocky and stuff and now im searching crap like "am i depressed or suffering from depression and stuff"in the last couple of weeks ive stopped eating i can't eat even a small portion...and tonight i walked out of a party because i did not feel well... lately i stopped enjoying anything..im fustrated by the fact that i can't eat anything...what is wrong with me???please help

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hi maybe you had a party life and now just want to move into another phase in life.if your partner still wants to go out that's fine also even if your not there.you could maybe take her out to the cinema for a meal or down the local just to enjoy each others company.im not a doctor but it sounds like it could be depression but its better if you went and talked over your feelings to the doctor.you need to eat though to keep strong.

my boyfriend was like a gamer, he spent most of his times on Xbox and I tried also to like his interest or what he likes and it makes me feel the same way you're feeling right now. sometimes it's much better to be alone than pushing ourselves to be with someone that we knew that we’re not compatible.

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