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I haven’t wrote here in a while. But I’ve noticed I’ve been avoiding social activities recently. Ignoring calls, making excuses for going out. I find myself locked up, doing my own thing so often and not even wanting to see my friends and staying dependent to my partner to stay with me. Any advice for the neediness towards my partner and avoiding socialization?

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I find socialising hard, and something I don't want to do, well more so I'm afraid of.

But the one thing that has helped me lately is doing "opposite to emotion, action".

For example I just want to hide away in my room, so I do the opposite of what I'm feeling by going to have a shower. Then after that I might feel like sitting on the lounge and not socialising, but then I do the opposite again. It might not be something major that you do as the opposite but any small step can get you started.

Hi Sophiabennett

This is completely normal I've got the same I've had social anxiety for so long it's sad that i think it's completely normal everyday life...I kind of cling to my husband have to be around him too but I feel safe with him he is my best friend but I think maybe I rely on him too much but socialising is a definite no for me your not on your own there's a lot of people who are the same as you

Here if you need to talk

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