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Anger issues and Paranoia - Something's Wrong

The first memory I can recall: I was in a playpen, trying to escape. My brother and sister were both watching me, laughing because of how cute I was. I was so angry because I thought they were laughing at me, I wanted to punch them. Fast forward two or three years later; due to a minor inconvenience, I became extremely angry. I ended up making my sisters arm bleed from digging my fingernails in her skin. I was probably 5 at the time. After two years, I began to dream about my sisters both harassing me. Those dreams specifically make me so angry that I usually wake up to find myself kicking or punching something or someone. After that, there were a lot of anger related incidents, but they weren't abnormal. Fast forward to now - I'm having a lot of anger issues again. I'm working on ways to calm down but end up bottling it up because I can't find a technique that actually helps. When all of that anger escapes, I can't even control myself. If this continues, I will hurt someone. I also noticed that I'm acting really paranoid, especially at night. For some reason I can't go to sleep even after I search my room for something out of the ordinary 5 times. Other times I'm afraid to fall asleep because I get dreams about all my friends watching me and wanting to kill me. I told some people about this and they said it's just because of raging hormones. But i feel like its something else, but maybe I'm just being paranoid again.

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Hi Yn1826

Sorry you are feeling this way it's so frustrating isn't it I've had raging anger before I had to go to my local drs and he gave me valium to calm down and I went anger management they both worked brilliant and now I'm in control of my anger..there is help out there first start with the drs and ask him about anger management this is the best thing to do



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