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Is there something wrong with me? What can i even do about this?

i feel like my brain is constantly on 'auto-pilot', like i'm not even living a life that's tangible. It's like i'm always in a dream, like the feeling that everything just happens and occurs around me and i don't really react, just go through the motions every single day. this is kinda weird but it feels a bit like my brain is filled with a bunch of soft fluff that clogs up everything. i 'zone out' a lot, but not really thinking about anything. my mind just feels completely blank all the time. i have a good friend group and a supportive loving family and a boyfriend, but i feel like i don't give any of them enough affection. affection is like a third-nature response for me, not a natural reaction at all. i tend to be awkward in social situations and i kinda feel like i need to just live in my room for a week by myself. how can i get out of this state of mind? i just feel so trapped inside this secluded world where absolutely nothing is going through my mind and i feel guilty about not being social with my friends and family. is there something wrong with me mentally??

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Hi Noralouise. I'm feeling like this too. For me, symptom of depression and the effects of medication. You don't say how long you'very been feeling like this. It'seems great you have lovely and supportive people around you. It helps me to keep talking about it to get it all out. I went through a period like this before and it did pass. I empathise with how you are feeling and really hope you start to feel a bit better each day.


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