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Anti depressants

I’m wondering how long anti depressants take to work ? I’ve been taking them for a little less then a month now and I’m also really not very good at realizing the difference if they’re even making one, some people are able to note the little changes but I’m really unable to do that, for he most part I think I just feel the same. Is there any specific things that should be happening as I take them ?

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I was told by my Doctor around 4 weeks to start having full effect. If you don't feel any different In a couple of weeks I would maybe go to your Doctor and try a different type.

Personally I felt effects/ side effects nearly straight away and after 5 days still feel anxious but the pain is a bit more dulled than before helping me to carry out everyday tasks a bit better. I'm hoping this will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

Best wishes



Hello Idkkkkk

As a very general guide I would say within 4 - 6 weeks. Maybe give them 5 weeks and if you feel no improvement then do go back and talk to your doctor.

It may be that a different anti-depressant will suit you better. We are always here to support you, take care



Hi there - In addition to the comments you've had, I'd add the following:

1. There are quite a few medications available and each has it's own benefits and disadvantages. The Mind website has a great resource for looking into this. take a look at that and follow the advice about seeing the doctor - generally my experience is that people experience a noticeable benefit by the time a month has passed.

2. My own experience has been that I can affect how quickly SSRI's like sertraline for example work. If I take exercise to coincide with the medication, I experience an immediate benefit, it seems to kick start the process and then maintain the benefit while the medication starts to take effect.

It is hard to see a benefit when you are gradually changing over time. It is likely that you have been benefitting, but in such small increments you don't notice. I expect if you were to be able to step back a month and compare you'd be pleasantly surprised. They aren't a cure, but something to help you cope. Remember to do the things that you enjoy and that help you feel well :-)



What anti-depress,.are you talking about..??


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