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Why am I always so sad all of the time for no reason?


Hi, I just joined because I noticed there were a lot of people asking and feeling the same way I am at the moment.

I'm 16, and for the past few months I've just been so sad and I really don't know why. I feel like I have nothing to complain about, but I just feel so down.

I feel like a lot of my close friendships are aren't what they used to be and that I'm pushing everyone away but I just really don't want to talk to people. When I'm with my friends I'll talk and have a laugh, but I'm never necessarily happy.

During the school holidays I never wanted to leave the house. I found myself making excuses to not go out with friends and end up just staying in my room. I just feel so unmotivated, both at home and at school. I used to be really good at school and in my classes, but recently I've been having this real lack of motivation when it comes to studying and completing home work. Most of the time I don't do anything, but end up regretting it later. I get to the stage where I am like 'well I'm going to fail anyway so whats the point of trying."

I also get the sense that my eating could be an issue. I have always hated my body and I go through stages where I won't eat anything, then I'll binge on food, think I look disgusting and fat only to starve myself and binge all over again. I've tried multiple times to eat healthy and exercise but it only lasts about a week- if that- before I return back to my unhealthy habits. I'm constantly estimating calories in my head then hating myself when I know I've eaten too much. I feel as though I'm always at a loss.

Recently, I have been contemplating whether life is worth it. I know its so stupid to contemplate suicide, and I know that deep down I would never do it, but I always wonder whether people would care. I wonder whether people would be sad for maybe a month, but eventually I would just become a vague memory that would hardly be remembered by many, so what's the point? This is something I also wonder. What really is the point? I don't see myself doing anything great or fantastic, with no motivation to do well I don't think I'll be getting into any great universities. I'm shy and awkward and find it difficult to make new friends, so how am I going to cope with change?

This has become more of a self rant, but I guess I'm just trying to figure out what to do. I don't want to be sad and I don't want to hate how I look, I want to be confident and I want to excel in my studies but all I want to do is be left alone in my room all day.

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I'm 19 and i feel what your feeling, never mind, I feel exactly what your feeling and do what you do. I feel and also look older and i have health issues as well. It sucks. I don't even know what to say but i'm not getting any better. I also need help


Well first off I would definitely be sad if you weren't here. I mean what is the point in living and I'm not going to lie I have thought of that once or twice. But honestly through college I thought about this.

One day, you are going to look back and be so proud of where you are then to where you are now. why?. Because you got there. Now you may be feeling this low. Which we all do. But what used to get my through college was this I was a big believer in my life with kids and my future to settle down and have a great job and great life. Things looked that way for a while with this one guy. I had a great amount of friends but always struggled to get along with other girls such as myself I would never have the confidence and never be into the same things they were. I however got on very well with boys. I used to be able to click with them and started gaining really good friendships and then the girls would catch on and use me to get close to the guy cause they knew I was close with them. When I dated this guy I was only 15 and I thought he as the one. Things were fine for a while then they went a little pear shaped....

I lost everyone. all my friends just didn't want to see me anymore didn't want to hang out with me ever since me and this guy dated. then recently he broke up with me and caused me to hit serious depression and anxiety it took several counselling sessions to get me where I am but needless to say I have the odd cry and panic attack. But I still carry on with my life because I used to think my life is shit now but what happens if I let my grades slip. I wont be able to pay for my future and my house and my kids. What happens if I never see my friends. I may never be able to cross links and maybe meet someone who is meant to be for me. Its okay to go through a time that you would rather be at home. I do that currently but from time to time I face my hardest fear and message my friends just to check they are okay. Sometimes we hit the ultimates lows to achieve incredible highs.

I am now currently in an apprenticeship job with a boyfriend and a new friendship group which I'm still not 100 percent on but still know well. where as before I was on my own with an manipulative dick..... so don't think all is lost trust me.

Hope this Helps


An Online Friend

message if you need anything

Please stay focused. My 16 year old committed suicide back in may he was just about to take his exams at grammer school. Their is always someone to talk to. Please don't loose faith I am thinking of you right now. Don't want what happened to me to have your family suffering believe me they will never forget you if you do take your life. That's not the way so please focus on yourself and your breathing and besides it's not what the person looks on the outside that counts it's the true person inside of your own body. Your talented and look to the future x

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