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New to depression

I have been seeing a man since April 2016, he insinuated he has had problems with depression in the past but I didn't realise what that entailed till March this year. He was experiencing some problems in his home life and all of a sudden I seemed to become the enemy it has now progressed to indifference. I didn't understand what was happening till a friend at work highlighted an article on depression. He has now opened up slightly and spoken a tiny bit about the depth in which he has been struggling to motivate himself and feel positive about any aspect of his life. He has agreed to go back to his GP and revisit his problems but depression and what support it requires is so new to me.

I would like to be able to provide support and help but I am finding it so difficult myself. The reduction in love, affection and sex drive has completely changed our dynamic and till now I have been blaming myself completely. Now knowing what has been going on I feel guilty for not catching on sooner.

I would love some advice on how partners cope and stay strong. I would also love some advice on the best way to provide support for my partner.

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Sounds like you Love this man very much. Regrets and guilt are such useless energy wasters. The fact is YOU can't change him. That has to come within his own Being. Yes, you can learn everything about depression and be supportive, but I want to remind you to not forget to take Care of YOU. After all if someday things don't work out, YOU is all you are left with. Love Yourself and everything comes from that :)


Thank you :)


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