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getting back to work after a break down

my name is ian I have lost my job dew to stress and pos depreshon I am triying to get back to work and back to life , I live ner Stamford and have found no help at all the doctors just want to give pills . I have been looking for some were to go were there are people who have been in the same place in life . there dus not seem to be any were to turn I have look at all main plases like mind but thay have closed down , I had a referale from my doc which was serpost to be a meating with a specelist that was six weaks ago then to day I get a call to say it will just be a telliphone call and that in one weak and that's all the help you get !!!!! can any one help

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Ian try to take things slowly step by step each day. And gradually try to go forward. It's the only way. We can't go back. Take some time off for yourself but just try to go forward and you will see it is better than being stagnant. I support you. If you would like to talk pm me


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