I am 16 years old and i am extremely bored with life i go to school have friends play video games go out sometimes but i feel so bored with life i do things but i rather be alone in my room with my door locked and lights shut off just staring atcmy ceiling fan for hours and sleeping, i moved to florida i have been here 3 years, i lived in Pennsylvania and my life was so good i went out everyday to hang out with friends at the park, basketball, football, friends parties, school dances were fun, i have around the same amount of friends at my current school than i do at my last school, but I literally cannot find one friend who is anything alike any of my friends in Pennsylvania, i have also stopped talking to a lot of friends from Pennsylvania, its been over 3 years they have new friends and never reply to me, i just want 1 friend who is able to keep me company i cry almost every night just thinking how fun and entertaining my life was, i feel so nostalgic, but i cant do anything about it, im going up to Pennsylvania in a couple weeks for the first time in years for like a month, but then what happens after that, its going to be hard to leave them again it was so hard last time i cried a lot, but when i get back to here all i can do is stay in my room all day, locked door, closed curtains, lights off, like a boring dull cheesy drama movie, its so boring and i end up thinking too much and getting sad and all i can ever think of is do i really just have to keep living like this until i move out, im never going to kill myself, ever, im not like that, but it would be nice to end the constant state of depression every single day and the crying almost every night, i over think everything and give everything a darker meaning than what it really does mean, like i have a problem where the moment i feel like somebody doesnt enjoy talking to me I instantly cut them off and dont talk to them anymore. I hate the feeling of me bugging people because i dont want them to feel annoyed at me, i just want one friend who is like me and is entertaining and would like to keep me company. I am so upset with life at the moment


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