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This one is for the ladies :)

Hello friends! I usually struggle with depression before and during my period, but this time my symptoms are more intense than usual. Im not sure why, but im thinking its because i moved around two months ago. I would go back home like once a week, but lately because of work i havent been able to do so. I would go to the horse rescue i volunteered at and it was my last connection to my former hometown. I usually handle moving ok, but this time i didnt find out that i was moving until the night before. Not to mention i went to a place where everything is different. The people are different, the places and even my new riding stable (i ride horses)! Nothing is the same. Anyway ive noticed that this is affecting my work and other aspects of my life and i want to learn more risilience. Anyone have any suggestions? Also i live with my Mom and we both rent rooms from a homeowner. My Mom suffers from severe depression and seeing her like that is probably taking a toll on my mood too.

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