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I have never been diagnosed but I think that I have depression. I have been suffering for nearly 2 years now and I cannot go on like this. It all started from when I did really bad in my A level exams. I had been top of the class all my life and this was such a huge shock and it really got me down. I have also failed my driving test 7 times and am surrounded by people who are telling me that I'm worthless and will never pass. I panic about the smallest things and I cry at least 4 times a day. I was also assaulted from the age of 10 by a member of my family and I think that it had left deep mental scars which has left me feeling like I'm one huge mistake. I have started to feel physical pain from this now and it stops me from socialising and leaving the house. I do not know what to do but all I want is to get better for my boyfriend as he is the only person that I have got. Every time I speak I feel like I'm stupid and feel like I should just be silent and not have an opinion. My friends don't want to know me and my parents don't exist to me for other reasons. I just need some advice on what I should do.

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First of all I'm no doctor but it sounds very much like depression. My advice would be to discuss this with your GP including your history of abuse as you may benefit from some form of counselling. I know it can be very difficult to ask for help and takes courage but it is often the beginning of getting your life back as a life with depression can sometimes feel like it's worse than no life at all. Take it from me, this will pass with medical support and you do deserve it no matter what you think right now. Organisations such as MIND or those who support victims of abuse could also be of huge benefit. Try to gather any strength you have and ask for help. We all need it at times in our lives and it's nothing to feel ashamed of. Most of all, you are worth it and perhaps your experience will help others when you're feeling better. Good luck and keep going.

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