Weight Gain,Bored with life, 6 years in dead end relationship

I recently turned 50 years old, that didn't set real well with me. Lol! Mostly because where I am in my life...dating same guy for 6 years and engaged but he won't go anywhere with it and doesn't want marriage, I'm bored in my job but I own it and pays the bills so I stay with it, and I'm just bored with life. = 50 lbs of weight gain! Ugh!!

Boyfriend and I have had a lot of ups and downs for the past 6 years. We met on a dating sight and it was awesome! He was 11 years older but it was exciting. He is 6'6 and about 250lbs. Trips to Hawaii and NASCAR events, etc. He cheated on me at the beginning with several women even though I thought we were exclusive. So trust was a huge issue with me. We continued and it was exclusive as far as I knew. 4 years ago things were going great other than his daughter, she was 8 when we met and she caused a lot of problems with us. I love kids but she was depressed and loved to fake issues to get her dads attention. She told me this is what she does usually with a smirk on her face. She has faked stomach issue til the point she went to doctors and had tests to the point she stopped having them. Soon after she started having headaches and again to many doctors, tests and a lot of money. Doctors found nothing and soon that disappeared also . She still continues this today at 14 years old with threats of "I'm no good" and the like. Her dad falls for it hard. It has gotten worse were she doesn't go to her mothers much anymore, because the mom puts her foot down to her bad attitude. If she doesn't get what she wants, she pouts. It's not just little things, it's a new iPhone or new Mac because she wants to impress her friends. Dad buys her anything she wants. My grown kids started not liking him and his daughter was a joke to my kids because her attitude was so ridiculous and over the top. Her Dad took her to a counseling appointment that I have been begging him to do for years and when he finally did his daughter said as soon as her dad left the room the counselor started cussing profanities at her!!! I knew that wasn't true but he refused to get help with her again. But, We still took fun Motorcycle trips, weekend getaways, long trips just him and me and planning a new life together. We got engaged and I moved in with them. After a long engagement, he decided he was happy dating and not marrying me. I wasn't! I moved out and we broke up. We both have been married 2 times so I understand his backing out but I went into this thinking I wanted a loving marriage and life together. We got back together but the daughter stopped going to her moms altogether, and has dominated the house with her problems. I know I've heard stories of "the step child" but I have really tried with her. I'd Take her out, to movies and hiking. And spend quality time just her and me. But when she gets home she starts a fight. It's odd. Anyway, we are still dating, he is 100lbs heavier and wants to do nothing! We sit and watch a show on TV. It's like pulling teeth to get him to take me out and now it has to be with her also which we never know if she will be happy or put her head down on the table at the restaurant and cause an embarrassing scene. We might see each other 2 times a week. Sex is almost non existent and when we do, it will be him just laying there. So exciting right? He likes to buy Property for HIS retirement that is across the US and that I will never get to. He talks of us retiring together and growing old together but it just doesn't seem like it will happen and I never know if I am wasting my time. I do love him but don't know if I can handle 4 more years of his daughter in our life but doesn't seem like he is too interested in me either lately. Probably because I gained so much weight too! I really don't have any security in retirement and I'm not shy to say that I would want to marry someone that could provide a nice retirement along with my very small one. I always worked but in my past marriage of 16 years we sold our business which after 911 wasn't much to split. But now I am renting a home, I live with my 19 year old daughter while she gets her life together after graduating cosmo school . When she moves out, I will be alone and feel alone. Depressing life I have made for myself and don't know how to get out of this rut.


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