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My parents don't don't even realise I'm depressed

Hey guys I'm new here,

I have been isolating myself away for around 2 years now and have gotten no where because of flaws in my appearance which has corrupted my education by me thinking to hard and making the wrong decission.

I never go outside, always on my computer and my parents call me a recluse because of this even knowing what my flaw is.. and it's a pretty big flaw which would destroy any kids child hood like it did with myne.

Howether, I'm expected to find a job and make a good living? How can I do this when my appearance prevents me from doing so, It's not like I wanted this flaw, do they actually think I don't want to college and make new friends and make a living for myself and go to the top to be rich as possible?

Honestly if there was a pill I could take where it would just end my life pain free then I would of took it back 5 years ago when I were still a child and ended this night mare already.

I don't think my parents realize the more they force me to do something where my flaws can show the more my depression hits rock bottom and I end up with all this rage where I just wanna end things.

It's funny because I opened up to them about this 1 year ago and guess what, they took me to my GP and the doctor did little :)))

I was supposed to see a theraphist but it never happened, I told my doctor about my flaw and he said I am fine, there is nothing wrong with me.. yet that's not what surgions had to say!

The world has beatiful humans and then the world has corrupted ones, I'm apart of the corruption.


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Hey, i dont know what youre self conscious about, but i do know that there is no such thing as an ugly person. Sure we all have flaws, but we're human. Take care :)


I'll reply to you on this one but a lot of my life experience is christianity/spiritual based and not really a secular what you see is what you get point of view. Getting to know God is an option for you. He frequently chooses weaker people or those for example described as 'poor in spirit' as they are far more open to God than the beautiful humans you refer to - I think only He can get you past this thing that afflicts you so badly.

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