Depression. This is what it feels like:

This is what it feels like for me. I'm currently going through another dark cloud. Here's something to shame myself, yes, shame. I'm tired. I hate myself to be honest. I try to be nice and smile,but it's not really working is it? I'm f*****g awful! Doesn't life suck? My life is a joke and it's not even funny. I'm an ineffectual shit. No good to anybody. Get treated like shit too, I tolerate morons.Hence I feel like shit. In and out of jobs, get pushed around, kicked in the teeth. I'm grossly inadequate and am a monumental failure. My lack of confidence is so bad, even though I learnt to drive years ago, I never owned my own car. Driving petrifies me, with road hogs clogging up the place, f*****g slow down! I don't want to add to the misery of choking up the enviroment. I also worry a lot. My life is going to make me die. I feel like I want to go to sleep and not wake up.

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  • Remember though you are not alone in this, there are actually many who are going through the same thing. Have you ever read the Bible, God speaks to us in our suffering, it might be the right time for you to get to know Him - but it isn't easy even then, He just promises to be with us in our dark times and won't allow us to suffer more than we can endure

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