My first ever post - PTSD

I'm lost...

I've recently had my first baby at the age of 20, (he is six months old now) and when he was 7 weeks old, I was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression. Now, four months after the diagnosis it turns out I do not have PND and I actually have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This is caused by sexual abuse when I was a child.

I'm on medication (100mg of sertraline & 40mg of propranolol daily) but I'm still not feeling any better. I feel numb, like nothing matters to me any more. I feel guilty that I'm always upset or too busy having a panic attack or crying to spend quality time with my baby but I'm too anxious to let anyone baby sit him either (so I can spend time getting better) as I cannot trust anyone with my child after what happened to me as a child.

Nothing is working for me. I've been taking medication for almost 5 months now, I've been meeting with a psychiatric nurse, support groups and I've had to quit my job also. So I feel as if I'm stuck at home with my baby and not giving him a very good life.

If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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  • Hi Rebekmary , I hope life is abit better for you now , i'm new to this site and and being a male I can't relate to having a baby but something happen to me when I was young and has effected me emotionally all my life and now has finally caught with me ...The only advice I can give is that you may need to change your medication and try your best to find someone you can trust , there are decent caring people out there and you need some time on your own and as long as your baby is loved he/she will be ok ...Take care Spurs67

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