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Boyfriend of 8 years broke up with me. Now i feel depressed and getting suicidal thoughts

I just went through a break up after being with my boyfriend of 8 years. we lived together for the last 2 years. He said he does not have feelings for me anymore, we are not compatible and we have grown apart. he said he has been feeling like this for a while but i did not realise and i am still madly in love with him. the thing that hurts the most is that he is talking to anther girl. it is obvious he has moved on but how do i move on. The worst part is that after we broke up, we were still sleeping together for about 5 months and were still spending weekends with each other and going out to dinners. After this i assumed that he was definitely going to ask me to be his girlfriend again. But no he still said he didn't want to be with me and us sleeping together was just sex and it has been fun hanging out. This hurts so much because its only been him for 8 years. he is the person i have shared most of my first experiences with. he is my first everything. i no longer sleep much at night, i think so much, i haven't eaten much and keep thinking of suicide. i even cut myself a few times although i haven't done that in 4 weeks. Even when i am at work i can not concentrate and i've been crying almost every day. nothing makes me happy anymore. i think about me and him all the time and i've blocked most of my friends o my phone because i dont feel like being around anyone. i dont know how to move past this. i don;t kno what to do.

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Please take a leap of faith and get back in touch with your friends. They will be more supportive that you can ever imagine. I, too, have been through a painful break up last year and also had similar feelings. However, it does ease. I'm not totally over it and maybe I never will be but I am at least now looking forward.

Please talk to someone. Good luck xxx

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Really sorry to hear what has happened. Please follow the advice given by Tinkerbell1970

You may find this post useful in dealing with the suicidal thoughts.



Hi I no what your going through I had a separation from my wife 6 months ago was told that she doesn't want me and doesn't love me no more at the time I just wanted to die I lost my friends and only had family I had no choice but to come back to my mums I started to talk which just needed to get it off my shoulders I felt like I have lost everything I used to blame myself for not trying I still today fill I have lost everything in my life and everybody has moved on and I'm stuck here what im trying to say is book yourself with the doctors and tell them everything I did and I'm now seeing a councillor therapist but you must start with your doctor it will take time that is whatI got told a Wright a letter to your friend that's a start I did with no success but hopefully you will find a way through this


the comment above is true but that is from a mature Christian and you will not be in that place yet

Life is a hard road at times very hard, I urge you to think you are not alone in your position - you'll have to grind it out just one day at a time - take plenty of rest but don't rest all the time




Hi..its going to be hard at first but this will make you stronger...sooner or later he will realize his lost and you'll be over him...don't show him your weakness you can do better life's short don't waste your time thinking about someone that doesn't mind breaking your heart...


Hey are you okay? Your feelings are understandable and relatable. You must know the only way our heart can fully be healed and restored is through the Lord.


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