I'm new here, need advice!

So I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last September and after a 6 month battle got the all clear. However it’s been just over 4 months since I’ve been in remission and I don’t know how to explain this but I just keep thinking ‘What’s the point in doing anything? We’re all just going to die anyways.’ Talking to my friend who has depression said that I sound depressed and should talk to me doctor but I don’t know, I feel like that’s not the case. Does this sound like depression or something else? I don’t feel suicidal, don’t think I could put my family through that aswell.. (I'm 20 years old btw)

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  • hi lauren after what you went through its probably left you feeling a bit drained mentally and physically.glad to hear your on the mend though.its a lot to go through at your age.maybe you should talk to your doctor and maybe you and your friend could take up a hobbie together like walking or swimming.something to get you back on track and thinking more positive again.

  • Hiya Lauren, good post, and it's a good question that I often wonder about, the more I do other things the less I think about it, but when I'm feeling worn out, sleep deprived or feeling under pressure it does sort of flare up again and I wonder what its all about! I find if I do things that keep me feeling well then I can carry on okay. Sorry for the not substantial advice but it's good to talk about these things as you have done I reckon, at least you are processing these feelings, that I think can help a lot. Take care.

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