Why does she make me feel this way?

Ok Im 19 years old one year after high school i have been in love withthis girl since freshman year in high school... THIS Is My Story I Hope Some Of You Can Provide Honest Opinions And Feed Back To Me.....Ever since we graduated from high school i knew i was not going to see her anymore or so i thought. When we were freshmens i was dating this girl that never really fullfilled me from the heart. until my girl or EX we'll call her Sophie Meet this other girl in school whom i had no idea who she was we'll call her Jessica. I Must admit Jessica caught my attention rapidly but not my heart lol. Little did i know when me and sophie would argue Jessica would urge sophie to break up with me and she wouldnt let up on not telling her that. When arguments would arise between me and sophie she was there. I Literlly had no idea why she was butting in and i mean butting in on purpose lol. As the arguments went on for the first quater i notice she would stare at me and i mean stare directly at me. I always saw her doing that. But at this point i had no idead why. Anyways after a yeat of highschool. Sophie ends up telling me that jessica really liked me alot in freshman year...keep in mind i was 15 here. And there my wounders were solved why she would stare at me. And at this point she still only caught my attention for a while. As junior and senior years progressed me and sophie were preety much through. But i couldnt help as well but wounder back to jessica why she would stare at me alot.. And honestly she always stared at ne through junior and senior year. Until i actually started paying attention to her... The way she was the way she acted and behaved such a classy girl beautiful and amazing with such motivation in her. That amazingly went straight to my heart and as i knew it i was in love with Jessica!!! What i Know. Right.. After words in the mist of senior year i often caught her still staring at me still . i know right from freshmen year to senior year. and i even caught her blushing one time when i stared directly back at her. At this time i was in love her no questions asked so i told her how i felt and there it all went to hell. She rejected me the weird thing is that she wasent weirded out or anything she was mad at me. Almost like it was noticeable that she had a crush on me which turned into a grudge or something. And from here i want to take it back to the point when sophie told me she had a huge crush on me in freshmen year. She must have been really sprung on me because she was really mad when i asked about it and continued to deny it. My question is why would she get mad was she mad at me that i didnt notice her earlier was that it? And even after i spoke with her..you guessed it she still stared at me even more alot!!! I just gave up at that time because i stupidly did not connect the dots of freshmen year until recently after high school(WTF) I Know right. With thaf said i recently saw her 2 weeks ago...and guess what she kept staring at me!!! WTF!!! Is she weird or something or am i still posibbly somewhere in there.? I will not lie im still in love with her she made my heart race fast when i saw her.. I always think of the time when sophie would tell me she really liked me alot. Sophie actually caught jessica once telling her that she liked me unaware that sophie was my girl.. Any ways guys what do you guys think of this story. Did she really had a huge crush on me that she kept being on sophies side urging her to break up.. And girls if you guys really like a guy who had a girlfreind would you try to come in between them? Honest opinions guys and girls and thanks for reading my story


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