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I am struggling with coursework at sixth form, i am 16 and things are tough. My granddad is back in hospital, i secretly drink with friends a lot. I have a loving family but i argue with my mum a lot. I don't sleep as well as i used to, i have had suicidal thoughts but i think about my family and how much it would hurt them which always stops me. I feel like i am not good enough for anyone anymore.

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My advice would be to replace your drinking habits with healthy activities that you enjoy. Its hard to simply stop something and end there. Why do you think you arduw with your Mom?


alcohol really isn't a good idea if you are struggling - although it may initially make you feel 'happier' it is actually a depressive - not to mention the impact it will be having on your body.  Whilst being drunk may make you feel sleepy the alcohol disturbs sleep patterns and may well make you wake up early.

the suicidal thoughts are a normal response to stress, unfortunately.  this post may help you understand a bit more what is going on and start to figure out a way of getting them back under control.



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