Romantic rejection

Hi. I'm a 23 year old college female with depression and anxiety. I see a therapist, a doctor, and take medication. Anyway I really liked this guy and decided to let him know. Not only did he not reciprocate my feelings, but he likes one of my friends. Ever since then I've been in the dumps. I've been exercising, keeping busy, and connecting with God all of which have helped me significantly however the depression is still around. I'm just surprised that I'm feeling this way after more than 6 months. Is it normal?

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  • I too suffer from depression and anxiety and little things often knock us me off track.its good that you are keeping busy and active mind you.maybe tell your friend that you had a crush on the guy and maybe that will help you move on from it.being at college comes with stressful periods also so take it easier a little maybe.if you've still got those inner bad feelings in a few weeks then maybe you should go back to your doctor.hope you feel better soon mind you.


    Thank you for your reply. My friend knows I like him and we're fine. It's just really hard to see them together. In addition, I was also molested on campus so it looks like I'm going to take a leave of absence because I'm just too stressed.

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