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I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years, I am 47 years old and am in recovery from alcohol addiction. But recently been diagnosed with copd, fibromyelgia and spondilolisis, these are all long term conditions which stop me from working, I stopped smoking 1 week ago and never felt so rubbish in my life, the anxiety I have had is so bad scared of going to sleep at night time as.my breathing is not the best, but in the last week my partners mum passed away, we sat at her bed side each day watching her struggle for breathe. This really frightened me, I have also had this constant feeling in my throat that there is something stuck. I have been to the doctors he said it is bad anxiety, I struggle to control all symptoms of pain, anxiety and depression, I find myself going for walks at silly times of the night to ease the anxiety, I just feel at present I am going mad but it is so hard to explain to other people how I am feeling,

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I know how difficult it is watching someone die. It's awful to sit and watch a loved one struggle for breath or any human being. I went through that two years ago and I'm still bothered by it to this day. Feeling something stuck in your throat is the first clue that you are experiencing anxiety . I am not a doctor but I think an antidepressant would help you immensely . To stop smoking after many years can cause anxiety and make you feel like hell. I don't understand why your doctor did not suggest an antidepressant for you. It would make you feel a lot better and not suffer the way you are. After being diagnosed COPD and than watching your partners mother struggle for breath is very fighting and to top it all off you are in the middle of giving up smoking , no wonder why you are suffering so bad with anxiety . You are going through a lot. Speak with your doctor right away before it gets worse and have him or her prescribe you an antidepressant if you are already on one than perhaps he or she can add something to it to help you. I wish you health wellness and tranquillity.

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Big hug to you and well done for stopping smoking. My husband has got COPD and it is far more manageable now he has a better inhaler - have you had the breathing tests yet?


Don't mean to intrude but could u please let me know what inhaler your husband is on for his COPD my partner has been given this diagnosis after 10 months of being given alsorts of different drugs etc as doctors and lung specialist don't know what was wrong with him. He has had x-Rays, ct scan, spirometer check, full blood count, sputum test and all come back clear only found out about 2 weeks ago that the doctors had lung specialist consultants findings which have been there for 6 months that the likelihood my partner has case of COPD (severe chronic bronchitis). He still in constant pain and constantly coughing and constantly bringing up mucus( sorry for being graphic). He quit smoking October 2013 and been on liquid flavoured e-cigarettes since then. Sorry for the long reply but wanted to give you as much detail as possible.



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