I've been suffering through depression for long time, but i try to hide it, most days i don't like going out much, i feel I've given up on life, i just sit on my computer for hours playing games, don't have much friends except for one. it's gotten so bad that i don't go college, much just lie to my parents. got bad grades at school. my intelligent has gotten worse. my brain is empty, and I'm alone 17 help.

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  • Hello. Many people on this site have suffered with depression, so you are NOT alone. When you feel in despair, turning to a site like this is good, so congratulations for reaching out. Whatever you do, don't give up on life. The one law of the universe is that everything changes. Even if your depression lasts weeks or months, it can and most probably will change at some point. Medication helps, and it can be your secret if you want.

    Are you living away while at college or living at home? Are there groups formed at your college or in your community that you can join to keep you occupied sometimes? The idea is to try to get out of your own head for even a little while, and sometimes you have to get out of your room to do that because the environment is radiating with your depressed energy, so if you stay there all the time you're enveloped in that energy with no break. Just go sit somewhere outside for a bit each day if you're too depressed to join a group. People watch or watch the birds fly or the grass grow, it doesn't matter, as long as for a few minutes you can think about something else other than your current state of mind. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

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