is this wrong?

today, was another shit day.

but i dont understand any of it ,i feel very awful!

mum and dad are splitting - that's fine, he comes here today to see how things are. He is still trying to stay with the woman he is seeing and see my mum! fucked up!

i told him today, he got angry! started shouting and trying to fight me! he's running after me trying to hit me! i tell him mate, i'm gonna get some friends and we'll jump him - because i'm depressed and it's a miss-match fight. i couldnt believe i said that - very out of character!

so he's throwing my stuff at me, blaming me for the break-up.

he's calling me all sorts of shit, saying my ocd is a load of garbage and he's genuinely trying to fight me! for whatever reason i offered a fight, he squared up to me! for whatever reason - i ran :/ i feel strange and very annoyed about this! we've been wanting to fight each other for a while and today the opportunity is there and i just ran :/

i am angry, confused and as usual depressed.

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