Why are people my friends

I have a number of friends but I don't know why they are my friends. I have been married 32 years but have no idea why my husband is with me because I am not a nice person. I always promise to keep in touch with people but I don't because I don't know why they would want to hear from me. Something somewhere tells me this may not be true but I don't want to inflict myself on anyone. How would I know if they did really want to be with me. Does anyone understand what I mean. I have this conflict going on inside. I feel worthless. Has anyone else experienced this? It isn't anything new I've felt like this for years but I am worried my 11 year old son is turning into me. The other day he told me he hates his life and he doesn't deserve any friends. I don't know what to do

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  • Of course your attitude will effect your son you may not realise but you need to nip this in the bud. Explain to your son you are both worth a lot and just suffer with self esteem issues who h you can work on together and help each other please also seek counselling xxx

  • I feel much like you do too. But it is like the voice telling me this only comes out when I am left too long alone with my thoughts. The truth is I have no friends. I have co-workers that ebb and flow with glimmers of friendship. But I have no contact with my family. I have a partner and he,always says that he loves me and his mom loves me and HIS friends love me. But I rarely see any of those people. And when I do- all of them bash the girlfriends of the guys who are not there. So I am thinking if my boyfriend is not around they likely hate on me too.

    I feel if anyone truly knew,me they wouldn't like me,either. My guess is my boyfriend loves,me -but also I am willing to accept seeing him a few times a week. After three years I think most women would expect more from a man who is promising forever.

    You have a son and that is very special. I have no,children. My iPad keeps making commas randomly it seems. And a husband for 32 years sounds very special too. I am guessing you do a lot if little things everyday for your son and husband that are special to them- without you even realizing it. Having a young son saying those comments should be taken seriously. Some schools have counsellors or you could take him to a doctor. Because sometimes there is medical reasons why people- even children may have negitive feelings. And other,times they just need To talk to a professional to help them sort out their feelings. I hope you feel better soon too.❤️

  • thank you for your replies it is good to know people understand. I do realise I need to seek help one of the problems is that on Tuesday when I wrote this I felt particularly bad and think about calling mt gp but then the next day I feel OK. I have decided to keep a journal so that when I do get the courage to go I will have something to show him. Thanks again

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