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Hi! I'm 27 and have dealt with Depression since I was a teenager. It all got a lot worse in my early twenties when I started having Panic-Attacks, IBS related sickness, and Fatigue struggles.

Recently I've been writing a blog about all that has happened and all that is still going on. I've done this because sharing can help us not feel so alone, and give hope that we can manage these very unique problems. If you want to take a look at my blog it can be found at

I know from experience that the challenges you face are so, so difficult, but you can mange them and live a happy life in time. It takes an incredible amount of patience, acceptance, help, and effort, but life can be good again. Never give up! You have people who care about you and your pains and you don't even know it.

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  • That is really helpful. I'm twice your age but the same applies. Nobody is exempt from mental health problems, and between us all there's a lot of experience, good and bad, but if we are still here we must have some degree of hope or faith that we'll get through it.

  • Thanks for the kind words. It's often hard to know if i'm doing the right thing but as you say, between us all there is a lot of experience both good and bad so sharing might help. Having hope and faith can certainly be the biggest challenge at times and i'm always strengthened by the hope and faith of others who keep going despite seemingly impossible odds.

  • HI there, having a blog is a good idea, it allows you the choice to be discreet or be open and share your experience. I've done one too on ways on I have coped with depression so its there on the basis that it helps someone out there.

    not everyone is strong minded and there are those like us who society has ignorantly left behind and i feel as a forum community here, we can help them get their lives back in order so they can enjoy their life better, its a basic right everyone has to enjoy every seeing sun rise, sun set and enjoy the day inbetween.

  • Very wise words. I do feel often society has left so many bright stars behind just because such stars are maybe not as constantly bright and balanced and more inclined to be very bright, then sometimes very dimmed. It may not fit the normal way but just because it's different it shouldn't be so neglected. Places like this help all people at various stages/conditions of mental health support each other and remind one another we are important and can have a place. And as you say realise everyone has the right to sunrises, sunsets and everything around and in between (loved the way you phrased it, so beautiful).

  • thank you :) Its the way the world is, people tend to latch onto the negative aspects first rather than notice the good side but they prefer to talk about their positive aspects and ignore others.

    there's such a strong stigma attached to depression and mental health that people don't want to understand or know. bit like a horse that wears blinkers or blinders, rather than wearing it on the eyes such people enclosed their minds within a set boundary and don't want to see the bigger picture, its just about them and world in front.

  • Have you ever had your B12 levels checked? - the range of conditions you have fits quite well with some of the symptoms of B12 deficiency


    I suffered 40+ years of depression that got a lot worse in my late 30s/40s. In my early 50s I had a fall which meant I was hospitalised as I needed a badly fractured ankle pinned. Whilst in hospital I was told that my levels of B12 were low and sent home with some shots to address the imbalance - 18 months later in the face of my GP not really knowing anything about what b12 deficiency was and having to investigate it for myself I ended up treating myself and working out what doses of B12 I really need and was amazed when a few months later I realised I was coping a lot better with anxiety and the depression was basically a thing of the past.

    This site has quite a bit of information about B12 and mental health

    I find it saddening that I suffered so many years of depression just because of vitamin deficiency and find it even more saddening to think that there are probably many others out there in the same boat ... because medics just aren't as aware of B12 deficiency as they should be.

    If you do think it is a possible explanation then get tested - but don't take 'normal' range as an answer that means it isn't the cause - or at least a factor - the test is not a good indicator for various reasons and recommendation in the UK is to treat on basis of symptoms not results ... but its difficult to get that over to GPs who have a lot of misconceptions. There is a forum run by PAS which is a good place to post results and see what others have to say ... and get support if you need to do battle with the ignorance of medics.

  • Thank you so much Gambit 62! I will look into the b12 deficiency. It saddens me to know you suffered for so very long and now have it under control from something so simple. I have come across gp ignorance at times so will certainly look into it myself independently. Thanks again for all the info you gave!! If I remember i'll let you know how it goes, especially if it does help as you'll be my hero!! :)

  • On one level sad about the decades but you can't do anything about the past and actually it is good to actually feel that I want to live life now.

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