Half way

Hi I've been where you are.

First up well done you have used your mind to unmask the world and see through the "Bullshit" as you call it. Have a gold star, no realy have a gold star not many people get that far.

Now you have a couple of options.

1. Go back to sleep, the ignorance is bliss mindset. (Not sure this is possible )

2. Stay as you are, (a pretty shitty place).

3. Wake up properly.

You now have to use you analytical mind to do the same job on itself as it has done with the rest of the world. The part of you, you call "I" or me or self is a construct of the world you now know is false. And therefore....... False.

Now you have to work out what is true. I suggest writing a question like: What am I. Then keep enquiring until you get the truth. It's not pretty or easy if you do it properly, but it will get you where you need to be.

I ended up what the spiritual crowd call "enlightened go figure. Good luck, you will need it.


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