I don't know wat is happening to me

hi everyone just a quick message

Basically I the last couple of weeks I have lost just under 1 stone, I feel sick there and then I get bad munchies but I don't put on weight, I Had spots come up on my stomach and bk and I have some side aches and I'm uninterested in

everything I'm so confused and I'm not pregnant as I'm A virgin just to clear that up for u.,any ideas ???

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  • Hi Charles,

    Your best bet is to see your GP about your spots and get a full health check done like a BMI check.

    regards to feeling sick, normally if you get a watery mouth it might be something you're eating that your body doesn't like or is trying to reject. buy some natural bio yogurt, mix 4 spoons of it with 4 spoons sugar and take that. it will give your stomach the friendly bacteria it needs and eventually overcome whatever is making you feel that way. try to stick to drinking warm water in the mornings 1st thing and drink warm water 20 mins after meals. drinking cold water affects the temperature that your enzymes need in order to operate efficiently so best avoided.

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