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Hi I'm new on here- I have had depression on and off for about two years- just lately I am struggling to stay in control. I just can't seem to get back in control and I feel so defeated. The feeling of this black cloud over my every day seems to be getting blacker and blacker. I take my medication everyday so my question is How do other people in my position cope?

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Hiya..Don't feel defeated, this happens to me aswell, sometimes I am able to pinpoint something that has possible triggered it or sometimes it's just the way it is.... for no apparent reason?!

Have you been under more stress or pressure in the last while? I also notice that after xmas and new year I feel like what you have explained, even though I have a great time and have a lovely family, there is fall out afterwards because of the stress of getting everything organised. January and bad weather can definitely affect you, it has with me this year but feel i'm slowly lifting out of ' the blackness ' now.

I look for answers and reasons for everything and sometimes there IS no obvious reason.

Don't struggle against it, be kind to yourself, do something you enjoy, even just going for a walk?

I've come to feel it's part of me and because I've seen this pattern of mood before, I know that if I give myself a bit of time and put the brakes on a bit...I come out the other side!

I don't want to go on and on because I don't know too much about you, Don't be too hard hard on yourself....something unfortunately we are all very good at!!!!

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Thank you for your kind words- I haven't been under any more stress or pressure which is why I am finding it difficult to get back in control- going to take you up on your advice and give myself a bit more time and put the brakes on and I will try to learn that this is part and parcel of me...


Take care and stay in touch if it helps.


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