Everything goes wrong

I never thought I'd be depressed, but literally everything goes wrong all the time so often that when I think 'I want.... to happen', I follow that thought with 'well, I want that to happen so I guess it's not going to happen' and vice versa. Also although I'm not a basket case, I hate everything about me; my voice, personality and looks- I have so many insecuruties that it takes ages to get ready before I think I look presentable.

No one knows I'm depressed but it's becoming harder to repress my sadness- no matter how happy or normal I act, depression always creeps up and gets me.

I'm not sure what to do

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  • I use to feel some of the things you do. Like i don't look good, my voice and personality. I hated myself but that's where it's wrong.

    of course you have every right to present yourself, look nice, wear your fav clothes but the fact is that everyone is different and unique and you cannot benchmark yourself against an ideal person you think you taught to be or feel you need to change to be accepted by others. I feel it takes time for you to discover and accept who you are in order for you to be at peace with yourself. once you are then the real you will come out that is your true character and people will like you for who you are.

    I did this and discovered nothing in life is difficult. I made it difficult by being too hard on myself. when i slowly let go and relax i discovered my character. i'm cheeky bugger at heart, its just my nature. I dress to please myself which is my unique style and I don't care what others think as i'm not dressing to impress others. I've developed my personality to include more interests and hobbies that make me seem more interesting, there nothing I can do about my voice i just have to live with it but I've nurtured myself to not be bothered by it because when my personality shines through no one cares what my voice sounds like, even over the phone.

    don't be too hard on yourself, just relax. try to find a local counsellor in your area and talk to him/her about your issues. you will soon find an avenue that will help you slowly deal with your issues and realize that you have a lot of virtues to be thankful of.

    let us know how you get on. we are all here to help you.

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