Dont know what to do anymore

First of all I just want to say I have no intention of killing myself just feel people would be better off if I went away. It all started 3 months ago when I found out my partner of nearly 9 years lied to me nout his past. He went to prison 16 yrs ago, stole fro his own business partnership, had gambling addiction lied bout why he broke up with his sons mother. And recently stole from his place of employment which also happens to be mine which resulted in me almost losing my job too, luckily they believed me that I had mothing to do wiyh it and I am still employed. Obviously after all these lies we have broken up, but now its continuing with my daughter, she has always been well behaved and a really good daughter with lots of friends and always happy and loved and loved back, she has met someone online who does happen to be a nice boy as I have met him but she threatened to move out and although we have talked her round it still bothers me that she could hurt everyone and mot seem to care. She is on the verge of losing her best friend.yet she just told me her bf out with his friends today. So she is pushing hers away yet he is continuing with his life.I just feel for all this to happen it must be something I have done, something tht is In me to turn these two people to hurt me so much. I am broken and hate it that my daughter sees me cry as that is all I am doing. My friends and family tell me its not me that I have done nothing wrong then if that is the case y is this happening.

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  • have you tried speaking to her? sometimes issues with parents can have an effect on kids. maybe she was seeking a perfect family to belong to but disappointed? best to sit down with her and get all the thoughts out into the open and put an end to them. it seems to me that you both need each other at this moment in time as friends and as mother and daughter. and if all is settled go out for a pub meal and a nice sundae dessert just to cheer up the moment.

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