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Heart Palpitations/ectopic beats

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I wondered if anyone else out there could give me some advice about heart palpitations/ ectopic beats. I have had a thorough check and they have put me on beta blockers twice a day 5mg. I still get the palpitations regularly throughout the day and at night, is anyone else taking beta blockers and can you be prescribed more? Any dietary recommendations ? Many Thanks

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Have you researched online, that always helps. Have they checked for Afib, done an echo, heart monitor, bloodwork especially Potassium & magnesium, coq10? These are all good for the heart. We need 4700mgs of Potassium a day so if your bloodwork is on the lower end of their scale you can still get palpitations even tho they'll probably disagree. V~8 has alot of potassium. And have they checked you for any Dysautonomia problems like Orthastatic & especially Pots Syndrome? Many people that had covid are getting Pots but most doctors are unfamiliar with it. Your dose seems low to me if I'm reading it correctly. I take 25mg a day cut in half so 12.5 mgs. If you're not getting answers you can always see a different doctor too. Good luck

Thank you very much that is really helpful… I am only on 5mg a day - 2.5mg in morning and again in the evening… will do some research!

5mgs is the usual dose of a beta blocker. They would rather give two different drugs at a low dose because of side effects. I have cut out caffeine completely from my diet. Also I found lowering my carb intake helped. The thing that helped me most was getting the right treatment for my thyroid.

Thank you that is really helpful! I have also cut out carbs and alcohol as well. I will try ditching carbs and see if that helps! Many Thanks

Hi Kate, you don't say what tests you have had so forgive me if I am talking nonsense. However, my cardiologist has advised me (caveat: I haven't seen him since the stress Echo - appointment is on Friday) that beta blockers are unlikely to help me because my Holter showed that I had probably more ectopics when I was asleep, showing that the pattern I have is that when my heart rate is low the ectopics creep in. The stress Echo showed that when my heart rate increases the ectopics disappear. Hence beta blockers won't help because they will lower my heart rate and may actually make things worse. However, my GP was all ready to prescribe beta blockers if the cardiologist said my heart was healthy (he has done so). So perhaps you could be in that position too?

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