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Period Abnormal

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It’s the middle of the month and I haven’t had my period yet. I usually have one twice a month, so I’d thought that I would have had one by now. I’m a drifter, but this feels longer than usual. It’s starting to worry me a bit. I’m for sure not pregnant, so I’ve crossed that off the list. Any other reasons, could Anxiety be one?

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Stress can delay a period yes. Things like diet, change of routine, over-exercising and hormone changes can make a difference too.

It's really uncommon to have 2 periods a month though - has your doctor checked your hormones to try to figure out what's going on?

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Well, I usually have one at the beginning of the month and then near the end. I thought that was normal.

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Periods can come anywhere between every 21-40 days while the average is to have one period every 28 days. Would you say yours seems to be similar to the 21-day range?

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To be honest, I don’t keep track 😅 I’m going to start that the next time it happens. Mine drifts a lot, so I’m never certain when

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Yes it's always handy to track your periods just in case, so that you can notice a pattern. Stress definitely can delay periods, to answer your original question, but sometimes periods can just come at a different frequency to what you usually have.

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Thank you!

Our body cycles don't care about our calendar months so most women find it useful to measure in terms of cycle days because days in a month can vary. Ideally you need to track your cycles, with cycle day 1 being the first full day of your period, the last cycle day being the last day before your next period. There are lots of free apps out there for tracking and most fitbit / garmin / healthwatches have a period tracker included. This will tell you whether your cycle lengths vary or stay the same. Also having an app will really help take the stress and worry including planning about when your period will start so you can have a normal rest of your cycle :)

A normal cycle is anywhere between 21 to 40 days, each woman is different hence the range, within that each woman should have their own fairly regular cycle so for example mine is 28 days but can vary by 1 day, it doesn't go less or more than that. This is where apps help you to track your variation and work out what's normal for you.

Irregular cycles are ones where for that particular woman their cycle isn't the same length each time. Abnormal cycles are ones where there is excessive bleeding, prolonged bleeding, no ovulation, bleeding at other times of the cycle (other than the beginning and ovulation). There are quite a few causes for irregular cycles and abnormal cycles; these can be looked into by your GP and then the relevant specialist. But they will firstly ask you to monitor your cycles and any symptoms / signs, so you need to know what's normal for you.

I'd suggest not to worry at the moment but spend a few months tracking your cycles.

As an additional note; if you are worried about pregnancy it may be an idea to get a cycle tracker to monitor your actual luteal and follicular phases, which includes ovulation. The best one out there is NaturalCycles; this predicts your cycles, takes into account period length, cycle length, cycle variations, ovulation by way of LH tests all using basal body temperation (taking your temp every morning on waking to two decimal places). It takes a few months to get to know you, but it'll help you get to know whats normal for you - most free apps just assume a normal cycle of 28 days so all calculations are based on that, including suggested fertile / avoid / use protection days, whereas this app can accurately predict those based on your data. I've been using it for over 2 years and it predicts my periods to the day including variations. Both my GP and specialists love the app as they can view the information really easily plus they approve of it, so it means I don't need to write everything down on paper - so much easier!

Happy to answer any questions.

P.S. I have had irregular cycles, been on the pill, come off the pill, had endometriosis, a ovarian cyst, possible PCOS, had three surgeries so know quite a bit about odd cycles!

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TacoCat25 in reply to luthien

Thank you for the information. Im going to start using an app I found 👍 I’m not worried about pregnancy, to young for that 😂😂 I just heard it was one of the reasons.

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Cooper27 in reply to TacoCat25

I quite like Flo tracker app, they have lots of articles on what's common and what symptoms to look out for.

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