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Perimenopause is BRUTAL

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Hi everyone, I am 45 years old and been dealing with peri for almost 8 years. I recently was told to take birth control to help with the physical symptoms (night sweats, crippling anxiety, dizzyness, lightheadedness, palpitations etc) I have seen every specialist known and been medically cleared by ALL. The only thing I have is bradycardia (resting heart 44) and half a thyroid that requires no meds to take care of. I am RIDDLED with anxiety and fears that something is wrong with me medically. I used to go to the ER and swear I was having a heart attack and would be sent home with 2 xanax..yeah.. Do any of you have words of advice? My period is skipping months but usually no more than 45 days. I respect all of you for sharing, and I know its hard. I appreciate you though. xoxo

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Yes, me too! You are not alone!

Hope this helps, all the info you could ever need on menopause & HRT.x

Yes me too, I started peri when I was 43, but it was the mood swings at first. Im now 49 with missed periods, hot flushes and night sweats and vaginal dryness. I am now on the eastrogen pesseries for dryness and take A. vogal menopause support tablets. But please go back to the dr and talk about your options regarding HRT and the alternatives.

Same here nearly 50 am living a nightmare !! X

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