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Hi, having had my last period over 3 years ago Suddenly out of the blue i starting bleeding. Symptoms were like having a typical period again. As told on the internet (This is not norma all sorts of things were showing upl!!!!) I went into panic mode.... However ladies....PLEASE dont panic.

1. Phone or visit your GP on the day or next day

2. If GP is not able to see you for over a week due to apointment schedules, go to A and E or a walk in Clinic. Explain the symptoms.

3. Please keep upbeat. Stranger things have happened. Your body is your own domain and sometimes we can not explain why things happen to it.

4. The NHS is here to help you and the nurses do a fantastic job. I went to the First Great Western Hospital in Swindon Wiltshire. The first nurse i saw gave me a smle and aknowledgement..... Please just go and get it checked out.......

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I'm 62 and I used progesterone cream for three months (from Aug. - Oct. 2015) and I have had continual bleeding and some periods of bleeding that are heavier than others. I had fibroids before menopause, and I presume the progesterone cream reactivated the fibroids. I went to a surgeon to have the fibroids laparoscopically removed, and he told me I would have to be tested for cancer. I refused cancer testing - I don't want to start down that whole path. There is a supplement that is supposed to reduce the size of fibroids, and I'm going to try that.


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