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Anemia....12 years Post Bypass, How Long does it take to get Ferritin Levels Back Up with Infusion s?

I had Bypass surgery 12 years ago and now struggle with mega Vitamin and Mineral deficiency. Ferritin Level was 3.2 in November....thankfully my HGB was 11 ...I started Iron infusions twice weekly the First two weeks, then weekly. Its been now 2 1/2 months and my Ferritin ist still only Up to 5...HGB 12.8..the Rest of the vitmans are all far below normal. Iron infusions suck and the side effects are getting worse and Hanging on longer. My doctor gives me no answers. Any one Else have some experience with this? Advice? how Long does it take to get values Up....taking now 2 and 3 Times the dosage per phyician and Dietician.

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I had bypass 12 years ago as well and do b12 shots weekly take iron dailyI have multiple arthritis issues and the meds cause problems with vitamin deficiencies. Nutrition changes can help try a nutritionist I don't think medications alone solve the problem


Good suggestions....Started seeing the nutritionist a week following the Results...there wasn't one Vitamin in Norm. They are getting better now...I have been giving myself B12 shots the last 7 years...7 years ago we discovered I wasn't absorbing all the vitamins and Minerals by oral intake. Not uncommen i was told. My intake is a sore Point. Allergic to Lactose, Soja, fruits cause my blood sugar to Yo-Yo and causes stomach cramps, stomach cant process Most meats,,react to Shell Fisch,I Have gag reflex responses when attempting to eat Fisch and eggs. I cant process Rice,noodles,beans. Love vegetables and eat alot of them with bread but it results in bloating,, gassiness and abdominal cramps. Nutritionist less worried about my foods..she is pushing pills and Protein Mixes. 70 Grams Protein Daily. Iron infusions suck. First I had only headaches, chest pressure, cramps around Heart, constant muscle Aches..now lower Back pain with constant flu like symptoms..Each week is getting worse with Side effects hanging on longer. We are now taking a short Break from the iron infusions. Feeling Just frustrated.