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To get confidence by fitness

I'm clge gng girl...my age is 18 ...I'm over obesed and hve to reduce over 30 kgs of body weight to get my ideal weight ...my clge working tym is 8am-6pm...even I can't go to gym and al...so plz suggest me diet and exercise schedule to get my ideal weight within 3-4 mnths ...pupils here r too gud looking and fit...that sometimes making me to lose my confidence level...

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The key to losing weight is appetite control. Have a palm-size or less of natural protein food at most meals, such as fish, meat, offal, game, poultry or (2) eggs.

Keep legumes, grains, cereals, tubers, root vegetables and fruit to less than a cup in total per meal (preferably none for breakfast). No sugar or processed food.

Have a sensible amount of non starchy vegetables such as leafy greens.

Make up the balance of what you eat with natural fats such as avocado, nuts, coconut, soft cheese, butter or double cream, the amount adjusted to allow you to lose between 1 and 3 lbs per week. Enjoy what you're eating!

Every month, increase your fat intake a little for a week or two (not so much that you gain weight), so that your body doesn't get used to being on low calories and try to adjust by slowing your metabolism because it thinks you're starving.

Exercise should be used to improve your fitness. Could you ride a bike to college, or run home for instance? After warm up, you only need to go at a pace that raises your heart rate to over 150 beats per minute for 12 minutes, or 140+ bpm for 20 minutes, or 130+bpm for 45 minutes. Allow at least 25 hours between sessions, and a maximum of 4.5 days.

Later, as you've lost weight, for toning up, as well as losing body-fat, do resistance exercise for each of the major muscle groups with a weight that you can lower strictly under control for repetitions, for only 30 to 40 seconds.

Confidence comes from doing.

Good luck!


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