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Young and in pain after work

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I am definitely not a weight trainer... but I’ve started a job (about 4 months now) of washing up. This includes my lifting trays of about 30 china plates and twisting and bending. I am only young and have never lifted weights before.. within the last week my thigh joints to my hip are aching and my back, arms and legs are tingling. It feels like little pin pricks more than typical pins and needles... and I was wondering whether you think this is from lifting incorrectly/too much for my body. Does it sound like I’ve just been overworking my body or something more serious?

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Are you still having this issue? You might be lifting wrong (using your back rather than legs). YouTube how to do this correctly. You might also be standing for long periods with bad posture. Maybe get some good shoes (you can go to a running store and have them video you running on a treadmill and recommend shoes based on weather you have pronation). Last, I would start doing some yoga. You can do it for free through YouTube. 30 days of yoga with Adrian. Google it. Hope that helps.

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